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We are GLOCAL: globally-local
Don’t go anywhere, we'll come to you.

We won't drag you from the East to the West or from your beloved home in the village to the big city. Whether you enjoy waking up with a view of the Tatras mountains or feel great among busy café aisles, you can still work for and with the best. CODERAMA is that good, that it can have people all over the country.

Spokojný zamestnanec počas práce

We have an office spot
in every Slovak regional city


Do you prefer to work from home? We're okay with that as well. Would you like to meet your colleagues at breakfast? Anytime!

CODERAMA will have an office in every Slovak regional city. Coming soon and available to you 24/7.

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  • Spoločné raňajky v kancelárii
  • Chill zóna s kuchynkou
  • Oddychový priestor s výhľadom na mesto
  • Výhľad na Bratislavu
  • Spoločná kancelária
  • Priestranná kancelária
  • Vianočný večierok
  • Spoločný teambuilding


BBC 1 Plus, Plynárenská 1,

821 09 Bratislava

Where to go for a beer
For a beer in Komín or on a boat to the Danube brewery just to hang out with friends? You'll find several places to grab a beer near the office. Komín, Alžbetka, Fabrika, Bratislavský Meštiansky Pivovar or you’d like to chill on a boat at the Danube Brewery?
With a Bolt scooter you can be anywhere in 10 minutes and don't even have to park 😊
Where to eat
Are you a vegetarian looking for something to eat? You'll find several vegetarian food options at the popular Veg life restaurant near the office. Even gluten-free or vegan enthusiasts won't leave hungry. You'll enjoy Bite & Byte after making reservations - and it’s right next door from the office.
A good burger is always a good idea so we recommend Krasty Tasty and Bigger Snack World. Are you busy and prefer to order? A good Italian pizza from Giama and a burger from BeAbout, Roxor or the delicious Quinsboro are worth it.
If you are unable to choose, your energy is waning and there are too many people everywhere, feel free to use the canteen within 2 minutes of the office.
Where to go for sport
Do you prefer home-office and are looking for somewhere to unwind after work?
We recommend squash at Squash Centrum Pionierska, the K2 climbing wall in Bratislava, the new Petržalka swimming pool or the endless cycling trails in the hills of Little Carpathian. At the Chata u Slivu you can stop by for a pint during pleasant walks in the woods near Pekná Cesta or in Koliba on the way to the cable car.
Do you prefer ice skating at the dam or water sports in Čunovo? Don't hesitate to explore the capital city with its many running trails, hiking views and inconspicuous castles that create a unique atmosphere whether you're going alone or with your family 😊
Where to go for fun
Have you seen the film they're showing at Lumiére? And the play with Lukáš Latinák at the Astorka theatre? No? Then put it on your TO-DO list along with the Slovak National Gallery, the Botanical Garden and Bratislava Castle, which has an interesting exhibition every week.
Did you know that you can find bunkers from the 1930s in the Pečniansky forest? Volunteers have repaired them and they are freely accessible.
In addition to exploring the city, you can experience the atmosphere of Bratislava's Old Town, say hello to the Čumil statue or enjoy an ice cream from Luculus.
Explore and get to know the city 😊
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  • Coderama obrandovaná mikina
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  • Kancelária
  • Teambuilding
  • Teambuilding
  • Vianočný večierok
  • Spoločný teambuilding

Banská Bystrica

Bakossova 8,

974 01 Banská Bystrica

Where to go for a beer
We'll take you to Rak for their home-made "Krebs" or to Klubovňa where we can get ourselves some amazing ribs, too. Banská Bystrica is the birthplace of the Urpiner beer so you're sure to get a fresh draft beer anywhere here.
Where to eat
If you want something fancy, you may go to Kartel. If you're in a hurry you can check out Kúria next to the office. In BB all lovers of burgers will find their own. We have a great many types and prepared in various ways.
Where to go for sport
For a badminton game go to Dixon, for swimming to Štiavničky and if you're a cyclist, we recommend the route along the dam: Sliač - Zvolen or Urpín hill and a trip to the observatory. We'll meet you in the laser arena. If you have kids or you are still a kid at heart, visit Hamšík's Bounce Park.
Where to go for fun
We send the disco-fans to the Ministry. Culture-seekers and event-goers can go to the CNK Záhrada; it's cool there with kids, also. Check out the galleries and in summer there will surely be an event at the SNP Square.
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  • Exteriér budovy Informatika
  • Hlavný vchod do budovy Informatika
  • Chodba Informatika
  • Kancelária v Martine
  • Zákutie v martinskej Coderama kancelárii
  • Nová a moderná kancelária v Martinskej pobočke
  • Vianočný večierok
  • Spoločný teambuilding


Informatika, ul. Československej armády 3,

036 01 Martin

Where to go for a beer
We can make our way to the square to Česká hospoda for a cold beer, which will never disappoint. Or we could just take our unfiltered Martin (beer) outside.
Where to eat
You can meet the guys from the Martin office for lunch at Bistro Impresia or in Pasáž. For quality Vietnamese food definitely go to Nhabe.
Where to go for sport
Most often you’ll find us at Martinské Hole. There you can find Martin’s ferrata for adrenaline-seekers.
Where to go for fun
Then, as a group, we enjoy go-karting. If you're more of an art lover, you can enjoy a play at the Slovak Chamber Theatre or visit one of the galleries in town.
  • Vianočný večierok
  • Spoločný teambuilding
  • Brainstorming k náročnému projektu
  • Pracovné prostredia programátora
  • Práca za PC
  • Brandovaná mikina Coderama
  • Turnaj v stolnom futbale
  • Brandovaný laptop Coderama
  • Programátori
  • Brainstorming
  • Prezentácia firmy


Za Plavárňou 3/8121,

010 08 Žilina

Where to go for a beer
Your colleagues will take you to 7-my Schod, Koníček or the popular Kozlovňa for a tried-and-true classic and a well-chilled beer.
Where to eat
For a good lunch, head to Rmut for a schnitzel with potato salad or to the best Italian restaurant, Vulcano, for a creamy risotto just around the corner. We always have their ice cream for dessert, which tastes better than in Italy. If you aren’t sure where to go in the evening, we recommend the ‘nachmelená opica beer’ and Bresaola pizza at Beervana.
Where to go for sport
Žilina is an ideal city for fans of outdoor sports. If you're one of them, you definitely won't be bored here. A free Kia bike or Bolt scooter will take you along the cycle path to the city and the surrounding areas. If you like all-day cycling trips, you won't be disappointed with cycling routes around the waterworks, to Terchová or around Kysucké Nové Mesto to the water dam. Hikers will find well-marked trails for one-day trips as well as multi-day ridge hikes in the Fatra Mountains. In winter, we will take you skiing or ski mountaineering to Veľká Rača, Martinské Hole or Vrátna. All these resorts are within a 30 km radius. If you like to workout, no problem. You’ll find a free spot in Bôrik park 1 minute away from the office. You will find the tennis coach just to the right. Do you prefer swimming? The swimming pool and of course beach volleyball are just outside the office windows. Paddle boarding with views of the Fatra? Yes, yes. Žilina is situated in a top spot :)
Where to go for fun
From CODERAMA it's a short walk everywhere, whether it's downtown or the mall. It's up to you what you prefer. In Žilina, you will definitely come across a decent concert in the New Synagogue. For the culturally-inclined, there is the city theatre or the Slovak Chamber Theatre in Martin, where it is worth a stop.
  • Spoločný obed
  • Uvítací nápis: Víta vás Coderama
  • Kancelária s chill zónou
  • Kancelária a kreslo
  • Pohľad na kanceláriu v Košiciach
  • Kuchynka
  • Pohľad na kanceláriu
  • Bufet
  • Exteriér kancelárií
  • Vianočný večierok
  • Spoločný teambuilding


Werferova 1

040 11 Košice

Where to go for a beer
If you are an early bird and are already in the office at 7, don’t forget to stop by Babetta’s for some semolina porridge, just like your mum used to make, or for a proper loaded breakfast, which will get you started for the working day. Lunch can be had in no time downstairs in Aston’s canteen. Or, if you feel like fast Asian food, Saigon Bistro with it’s pho will definitely not disappoint. If you came to Kosice to also see the city center, be sure not to miss Pan Ryba where you can enjoy their seafood specialities.
Where to eat
Dobré časy is the place to go for a Kraken during the football and then when hunger strikes, nothing is left to chance. Friendly service awaits you in Staničný pivovar with high quality alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and a good mini burger to go with it. You can cool down with a Kosice Master “Dewy” beer in Hostinec Brewery located in the city square.
Where to go for sport
If you are the museum-type, stop by at Východoslovenská gallery, Kasárne Kulturpark or Kunsthalle. For a bit of the underground, go to Tabačka, where you will experience an artistic atmosphere and a good concert. We can enjoy more mainstream activities at the Kosice lake, for example. In Retro Cult Club we can dance it up to thematic evenings or chill at Jazz Club Kosice located directly on the same street.
Where to go for fun
Regular sports activities are held in Kasárne Kulturpark, where you can do yoga, pilates or aerobics. After work, we can go to Arcadia sports club where we can play some squash or head off to paintball or bowling. One this is for sure – with us in the team you will never be bored.
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