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Our portfolio

We build long-term partnerships.

A wide range of the most capable people in IT = fine-tuned solutions from the best for the best.
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Instead of "experts in everything", we have experts for EVERYTHING.

We don't promise, we act. We are learning and growing. We adapt to market requirements and transform clients' ideas into functional solutions.

We are a software house that has been working on client projects since 2006. Our team consists of a wide range of IT specialists who, thanks to their knowledge and professional approach, can process the thoughts, ideas and needs of clients into functional results. We have offices in 5 different cities in Slovakia and more than 100 successfully delivered projects.

We have many years of experience in the development of customized SW solutions. Our IT specialists work on the development of ERP, WMS, CRM, CMS, web applications and other systems that are supported by a huge amount of data. We are flexible and create successful solutions in all commercial areas. Technologically, we are full-stack and can adapt to what you need. We can also provide IT architects, analysts, testers, scrum masters and DevOps specialists. The technical interview process of candidates is very strict, and thanks to this, our IT specialists are of high quality. We are proud that the people in our team are among the best IT experts in Slovakia.


IT specialists in 5 cities of the Slovak Republic


interviewees are accepted into teams


of our people speak English


years in the IT sector and business


of successfully delivered IT projects


stable year-on-year growth since 2016

Complex solutions for businesses

We offer our clients complex solutions – from the proposal of solutions through functional and technical specifications right to the actual implementation. We help clients from various fields with large IT projects, thereby facilitating their way to higher effectivity and stable and fast solutions.

Web applications

We develop systems which are fast, safe and ready for easy development. We focus on technology which our IT specialists perfectly master. We always choose for the client the best solution for each project. We have a wealth of experience from reports of accommodation facilities, the automobile industry, electronic healthcare (eHealth) to Ticketing and CMS portals. Our scope in various industries is greater than that of a regular IT outsourcing company.

Desktop applications

We specialise in web applications, portals, storage systems and information systems.

Hosting / Cloud

We are able to provide cloud and hosting services at request.

QA / Delivery

Our developers are experts in their field and thus able to provide relevant and realistic estimations on how long a project will take. On the basis of their experience, we have always been able to deliver successful projects on time.

Consultation services

In addition to delivering quality software, we are able to recognise the requirements of our clients and provide them with advice to the greatest extent possible. Both owners are/were developers and understand business from both sides. This accelerates collaboration and the project specification process.

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IT Outsourcing

Coderama is a stable partner in the field of IT outsourcing. Providing innovative and creative solutions is our passion. Therefore, all obstacles in our way are just exciting challenges that we must overcome. We thoroughly test developers who are interested in joining Coderama and never hire anyone without them passing our algorithmic tests/assignments.

Our recruitment process is effective and fast but also very strict. We only take the best. Most of the projects we work on are large in scope with huge amounts of data. That is why optimisation is something we do daily.

Benefits of IT outsourcing
with Coderama

and flexibility

We ensure that our clients have the continuous availability of high-quality human resources throughout the duration of the project and beyond.

and fast implementation

We constantly monitor new technologies and trends to stay ahead of the competition.

of costs

We eliminate hidden costs, making efficient use of your resources and reducing the overall cost of the project.

We share
the risks with you

We take on the responsibility of administration and management, which reduces your risks regarding the project.

Our IT work

Together we have developed 100+ successful IT projects. See a sample of our most successful solutions and IT projects.

Clients who trust us